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Monday, 31 July 2017

Tools You Can Use

Tools You Can Use

THERE ARE A LOT OF NIFTY TOOLS OUT THERE TO DO EVERY level of maintenance and repair under the sun. But bike shops have the big tools (and knowledge) so you don’t have to. A point in time may come when you want to learn how to do all the work on your own bike, but for now let’s stick to the basics. There are tools you’ll want to have at home to help with small repairs and routine basic maintenance. On the road you’ll want a lighter, more compact version so you don’t get stranded on your ride. Even if you don’t know how to use them, you never know who might be able to come to your rescue—as long as you have the tools to make the fix.

Home Tools to Keep You Rolling 

Truthfully, as you’re starting road biking, you don’t need much. But what you do need is pretty close to necessity.
img Floor Pump: This is a full-size pump that can quickly fill your tires to the proper pressure. Most come with options for both Schrader and Presta valves (see “Tire Inflation”), though the Presta is more commonly found on most road bikes. Be sure to purchase one with a pressure gauge so you know how much you’re filling up the tires and can get a sense of how much they lose between fillings.
img Tire Levers: These are your helpers for getting a tire off a rim so you can change a flat. One of the most used tools in a home bike shop.
>Bottle of Chain Lube: The only way to keep your chain moving well
> Degreaser: For keeping your chain clean and your frame wiped down
>Rags: Essential for cleaning chains, rims, and the inevitable spill
>Screwdrivers: To add or remove accessories
>Crescent Wrench: Not the finest-tuned instrument, but versatile and gets the job done
>“Y” or Tri 4-5-6mm Hex Tool: Most of the bolts on your bike are going to be one of these three sizes, as are water bottle cages and other accessories. This inexpensive tool gives you the three most common sizes with the benefit of better leverage than a travel-sized multitool.

Tools for Your Ride 

What you need to carry on the bike is essentially pocket-sized versions of what you have at home. You may not know how to use it all, but it’s still important to have it on you. The rider or driver who pulls over to help you on the side of the road can bring the skills—but you’d better back it up with the right tools. These include:

>Tire Levers
>A Patch Kit: For repairing punctured tubes
>Multitool: Includes hex wrenches and screw drivers
>Inflation Device: A hand pump or CO2 inflator

>Chain Breaker: For repairing
>Tire Boot
>Chain Links or Chain Pins
>Duct Tape
>Presta to Shrader Valve Stem Adaptor: Helps in a pinch if your pump breaks and you need to borrow one that may not have a Presta head on the pump
Note: For a more detailed list of everything else you should carry, see “Bringing Up the Rear.”

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