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Thursday 11 April 2019

This Piece Of Aluminum Foil Will Change The Way You Use Your Phone!

This Piece Of Aluminum Foil Will Change The Way You Use Your Phone!

Everyone has aluminum foil in their kitchen. The fact you wouldn’t have it lying around would be unusual: this is a very useful thing to have nearby. We use aluminum foil to prepare food in the oven, as well as on the grill or store it in the fridge after. That’s the reason why there is always some lying around. 

Replaces a Funnel

We’ve all needed to pour some liquid back into a jar after pouring too much. Maybe it’s some wine back into a bottle, or perhaps gas into a tank? Either way, if we don’t have a funnel around, it can be tricky.

With aluminum foil, watch as you easily tear some off and form a homemade funnel. It can wrap around any sized hole and gently place the liquid back into its original container. Never buy a funnel again!

Unwrinkles Clothes

If you place some aluminum foil under clothes while you iron them, it can help smoothen the surface and decrease your creases. I bet you never thought foil and heat would be such a good match? 

Next time you iron, wrap some of the heat conductor under your shirt and place a boiling hot iron onto its surface. You won’t believe just how much it works. Make sure to keep aluminum foil wherever you do your laundry – your shirts will thank you!

Sharpens Scissors

Think of aluminum foil as the perfect item to sharpen and clean your scissors! We all know they can become stiff and rusted over time – it’s something to be expected when we use them for long periods.
Next time you see your scissors seemingly reaching the end of their life, quickly grab some aluminum foil and gently cut into it 7-10 times. After a short while, they will get cleaner and sharper ready for their next use. It’s easy!

Remove Static from Clothes

If there’s anything we hate, it’s static from your fresh load of laundry. It can be a split shocking second that can cause a minor inconvenience. So why would we put up with it? We know there’s a better idea.

With aluminum foil, you can place a small ball into your dryer along with your clothes and remove any static that might occur during the cycle. Once you try this, you’ll never be able to stop!

Clean Your Iron

If your iron gathers dirt, grim, or rust, you might consider buying a new one. What if we told you that there’s a cheaper alternative to throwing your iron in the trash? It sounds improbable, but not impossible! 
Aluminum foil provides you with the perfect scrub suitable for cleaning the base of your iron. Make sure you don’t do it too hard or often – you might end up scratching it! Either way, you’ll be happy this trick saves you a new iron. 

Clean Your Silverware

It can be hard to clean your silverware. Over time, they can also attract dirt and grime that sticks a little too tight to knives and spoons. It can be a forking nuisance, to be honest. You might think spraying some WD-40 would help, but you’ve just run out! 
Don’t worry: put some aluminum foil at the bottom of a container and place your silverware in there with baking soda, salt, and boiling water. All the dirt will quickly come off. 

Use It As A Touchscreen

Weirdly, aluminum foil helps us with our touchscreen devices. If you coat a pen with some of this special stuff and point the tip of it, you can make your very own touchpoint pen for your devices. 

This can help you save hundreds of dollars since Apple Pencils are way too expensive to justify a purchase. Next time you’re out, you’ll be turning heads with your own homemade Apple Pencil! Start making one yourself today.

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