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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Dr. Sims’s Rise-and-Shine Breakfasts

Dr. Sims’s Rise-and-Shine Breakfasts

WANT TO BE AT YOUR BEST ON a big ride day? Try these recipes by Dr. Sims, who makes a living helping athletes eat and drink right to perform their best.
Her favorite pre-big ride meal:
BIRCHER MUESLI: Soak quinoa flakes and oatmeal overnight in almond milk with raisins. (Note: Quinoa flakes are the grain that has been rolled through a press. If you can’t find them, substitute oatmeal or spelt flakes.) In the morning, dish up a bowl of the bircher muesli and top with fresh blueberries and raspberries, nonfat Greek yogurt, a sprinkle of walnuts, and a drizzle of honey. Have espresso on the side with a dash of cinnamon.
Second-best meal:
4-oz nonfat Greek yogurt, 1 Tbsp almond butter, 2 Tbsp avocado, 4 crushed summer-ripe strawberries. Blend all together well. Spread over 2 slices of low-sugar, mixed-sprouted-grain toast.

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